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Jan. 2015 Nabisco reversi has been uppgraded for Reversi Gold By Andrew Panov, partner Flonga & host y8.
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Nabisco Reversi online game
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Requirement: Flash

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Play Reversi Gold online. Capture as many of your opponents pieces on the Reversi board as you can!

Play Nabisco Othello-Reversi on line games. Click on the desired square to place a piece.

Reversi game rules:

In Reversi players place pieces on the board until the board is full or neither player can move. Black goes first. Any white pieces caught between two black pieces are flipped to black and vice-versa for white. At least one piece must be flipped per move; if no moves are possible then the player passes. The player with the most pieces on the board wins. If the number of pieces are the same then the game is a draw.
Credit: Skyworks & NabiscoWorld.

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