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Plastic Army Men, PC games and Little Soldier Toys
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 War On Folvos  Heli Attack 2  Plastic Army Men Set  Remote Control Missile Launcher
War On Folvos
43 Mb

Lead your army to victory in this turn-based strategy game! Control miniature tanks units, toy soldiers and aircrafts.

Picture 1
Heli Attack 2

Shoot down loads of helicopters out of the sky in Heli Attack 2. Featuring tons of great powerups.

Picture 1
Plastic Army Men Set
Popular Toys

World War Toy Soldier Play Set.

Picture 1
Remote Control Missile Launcher
Popular Remote Control

This RC missile laucher can shot 10 foam missilles one by one or all at once. Features include realistic tank treads, radio control range of 200 feet, realistic missile launch sound effects. .

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 Army Forces Playset  NSECT Robotic Attack Creature  Toy Defense  Gummi Army Guys
Army Forces Playset
Popular Toys

Awesome Army Men playset. Play with your toy soldiers on it. Defend your bridge, hill, fort or waterway. Playset includes tanks, helicopter, jet and toy soldiers.

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NSECT Robotic Attack Creature
Popular Remote Control

This remote control spider alike robotic can attack with missiles. This creepy crawler morphs into a mighty missile blaster in seconds. 2 shooting modes allow single or rapid fire a distance of up to 25.

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New Toy Defense
103 Mb

Toy soldiers defense game. Help your World War I toy soldiers survive through attacks, and protect your base from enemy airplanes,

Picture 1

Online Toy Defense
New Gummi Army Guys
Popular Miniature

These are the original Gummi Toy Soldiers in 4 classic poses. Play and eat with Bazooka Bob, Rifleman Rich, Fightin' Forester, and GI Johnny.

Picture 1
 Army Men Toys in Space  Helicopter Attack 3  Army Men RTS  Plastic Army Men II
Army Men Toys in Space
CD or Download
69 Mb

This game proves that little green army men toy soldiers do exist in outer space!

Picture 1
Helicopter Attack 3

Blast them heli copters in Heli Attack 3. Featuring loads of online playable weapons and firepower.

Picture 1
Army Men RTS
CD or Download
151 Mb

You've been drafted, and it's all-out war in tactical military game. Army Men RTS is more than a plastic soldier game!

Picture 1
Plastic Army Men II
CD or Download
61 Mb

Send your plastic soldiers to war in this military sequel.

Picture 1
 Toy Story Bucket o Soldiers  Plastic Army Men  Little RocketMan  Gunrox Quest for the Holy Grenade
Toy Story Bucket o Soldiers
Popular Miniature

Toy Story bucket of 72 green plastic army men and 2 plastic parachutes. Scaled to 12 inch. Buzz lightyear.

Picture 1
Plastic Army Men
CD or Download
100 Mb

Your plastic army men are tasked with real combat!

Picture 1
Little RocketMan
2 Mb

Jump Little Rocketman from platform to platform. Defeat villains trying to foil your rescue operation. Prove that size doesn't matter with Little Rocket man.

Picture 1

Online Little RocketMan
Gunrox Quest for the Holy Grenade
CD or Download
30 Mb

Create your squad of little soldiers and battle with live players around the world in head to head or coop battles in this massively multiplayer online toy soldiers tactical game.

Picture 1

Online Gunrox Quest for the Holy Grenade
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Firefight World War II simulation freeware game. Add-Ons optional
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Army Men RTS Playstation2 Playable Plastic Toy Soldier Real time strategy game for PlayStation 2
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Wooden Soldier Dominoes Toppling Knock down all soldier dominoes using marbles and cannons
Glukosa Action Control the small soldier Glukoza in various environnement

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Toy Defense Help toy soldiers fighting enemy airplanes, tanks, airships and more.
Gummi Army Guys Little Green Toy Soldiers Candies. Play and eat !
Gunrox Quest for the Holy Grenade Create your army of little soldiers and battle ennemies
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Toy Defense Don't let the ennemie reach your base. Help toy soldiers combat.
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Little RocketMan Online Little Rocketman game free to play. Jump from platform to platform.
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