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 Mattel Shark Adventure  Mad Shark  Shark Atacks Online Game  Something Fishy 2
Mattel Shark Adventure
Popular Toys

Assemble your crew and launch the Shark Ship! Your mission is to rescue your diver from the jaws of an enormous shark!

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Mad Shark

You are the Mad Shark. And you're out for revenge against SCUBA-diving scientists who have performed cruel experiments on you.

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Shark Atacks Online Game

Watch out, it bites! Steer the shark so he can feed his hunger with plenty of fish but beware of the Octopus – he’ll have you for breakfast!

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Something Fishy 2

Use your keyboard to move Walter. He must eat fish smaller than him to grow, but avoid any fish larger than him. There are 8 different levels of fish and you cannot grow larger than the 8th level. The shark is also always a danger.

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 Remote Controlled Robotic Shark  Shark Run Roller Coaster  Remote Control Air Floating Shark  Dancing with the Sharks
Remote Controlled Robotic Shark
Popular Remote Control

A full 2' long, this unique robotic shark has a full-range of motion to replicate the smooth, sleek swimming of one of nature's most efficient predators.

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Shark Run Roller Coaster
Popular Toys

Build big and catch a wave with the awesome Shark Run Roller Coaster! This real-working coaster builds over 4 feet long and features a motorized chain lift to carry the surf-themed car to the top of the track.

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Online Shark Run Roller Coaster
New Remote Control Air Floating Shark
Popular Remote Control

Remote infra-red controlled inflatable flying shark up to 40 feet. This shark is giant and moves around the house indoor just like in the ocean. The shark measures 3 to 5 feet and require helium to float - can be reinflated over and over.

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New Dancing with the Sharks

Awesome shark video with diver model Cristina Zenato, and great music by Chingon - Malaguena Salerosa.

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 Shark Pendant  Escape Shark Attacks  Shark Hunting the Great White  Remote Control Hammerhead Shark
Shark Pendant
Popular Jewelry

Beautiful shark pendants 14k gold or silver. Shark tooth or sharks in action.

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Escape Shark Attacks

Escape from other shark attacks, fishing boats, and submarine torpidoes!

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Shark Hunting the Great White
CD or Download
10 Mb

In Shark! Hunting the Great White, you'll actually hunt 8 different species of sharks, including the awesome Great White, the Tiger Shark, the Great Hammerhead, and many more. 9 powerful underwater weapons, and 9 equipment items.

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Remote Control Hammerhead Shark
Popular Remote Control

This awesome RC Hammerhead Shark replicate the smooth motion of the real one. The handheld remote is submersible, so you can swim with your shark. Depth up to 9', distance 40'.

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 Great White Shark Toy  Shark Tale Lenny  Splashworks Shark Online  Nab-n-Grab
Great White Shark Toy
Popular Toys

Inflatable pool sharks, stuffed Great White Shark, large puppets with big shark tooth and other suggestions.

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Shark Tale Lenny
Popular Puppets

Large 16" Shark Tale Lenny the Shark Plush Doll.

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Splashworks Shark Online

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, move the little snorkeller through the maze to collect pearls while avoiding the sharks.

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12 Mb

Use unique fishing techniques and catch sword fish and capture other aquatic life, like Piranhas, Sea Rock'n Horses, Sharks and B.C. Sea Turtles. Go sea fishing in 4 different boats.

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Remote Control Flying Shark FMS 4 Channel Flying Shark RTF Electric Remote Control Airplane
Typer Shark Word Shark Typing game with plenty of sharks and piranhas
Fish Food Meet Sunny, a tiny fish in a giant sea ocean

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