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Astronaut Ice Cream
Freeze dried ice cream made for astronauts, now available for everyone!

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 Astronaut Ice Cream
Science museums are really cool places with tons of wonderful learning experiences available to the public. You can walk through giant heart models, see dazzling laser displays, even gawp at actual moon landers. But let's face it, the best part of every science museum is normally in a bin near the cash register: freeze dried ice cream. Four of the tastiest words in the English language. But thanks to us, you can now get the ice cream astronauts eat without the risk of accidentally learning anything. Yay!

Each package of Astronaut Ice Cream is made with state-of-the-art yummy food technology. First made by the Whirlpool Corporation (yup, the washer/dryer people) for the Apollo missions, freeze dried ice cream has been a favorite of geeks ever since. We have three flavors to offer you. The "original" flavor most often found in museums is neapolitan (chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla) - and we also have mint chocolate chip (cool and delicious) and chocolate chocolate chip (very, very chocolaty) to tease your taste buds. Try one or try them all, we know you'll love 'em. And if you really want the full astronaut experience, just get some tall strong folks at your office to hold you upside down when you eat. Peristalsis is amazing, and so is Astronaut Ice Cream.

Each package is 0.7 oz of joy and can be stored (unopened) for up to 3 years.
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