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B-Daman Basic Figure Assortment
Bomberman game B-Daman animated serie figurines shooting bombs for real!

 B-Daman Basic Figure Assortment
Based on the animated series B-Daman and inspired by the classic Bomberman video game series, B-Daman basic figures launch into battle and really shoot! Each basic figure comes with B-Daball, armor components, target pin and instructions.

B-Daman B-Damon Bomberman ball bomb shooting
B-Daman Basic Figure Assortment Wave 2 includes 12 individually packaged action figures with accessories. 4x Cobalt Blade, 1x Bakuso, 1x Proto One, 1x Wing Ninja, 2x Knight Calvalry, 3x Chrome Zephyr. (Subject to change.)
By Hasbro
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B-Daman Basic Figure Assortment
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B-Daman Basic Figure Assortment