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Electric Shock game
Quick! Press your button! Avoid Electric Shocks!

 Electric Shock game
Grab up to three friends, each of you grabs a handle, and holds on tight. Listen as the siren wails signalling that game play has begun. When the center light changes from red to green...Quick! Press your button! Last one to click the button gets an electric shock (safe, but startling!). The timer is different every time, so you never know when the buzz will come! Don't hit your button before the light turns green either, or you'll be punished with a shock for being antsy! Get ready for a game like no other!! If you lose there is shocking consequences. REALLY!! Here's the game plan. Start by removing a futuristic joy stick from the base. Hit the center dome and a red light will start flashing, suspenseful music will be playing and then get ready to be a Quick Draw Mcgraw. Why? When the dome turns green you need to press your joy sticks red button. The last player to do so will get SHOCKED!! However careful of premature pressing by doing so before the dome changes from red to green means you lose and get SHOCKED!! The game experience is one that is down right nerve racking and may I say electrifying!! This electric shock reaction game uses 3 AAA batteries.
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