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Electronic Handheld Checkers
You can enjoy an exciting game of checkers in one electronic game!

 Electronic Handheld Checkers
We have this stylus-touch checker and chess computer is as portable and as easy-to-use as the most popular PDAs! Just use the pull-out stylus to choose a piece and tap the square you want to move it to! Play against the computer or use it as an on-the-go travel set to compete against a partner or to study games from books and newspapers. Includes carrying pouch, teaching modes and rating functions, along with lots more features of full table-top models! Tournament strength 73 power levels Rates your play Hint key for coaching Help mode shows all legal moves for beginners 16 of the greatest games ever played!

Also, the future is at hand. Play the world's most advanced checkers game that fits right in your palm! Packed with the latest in circuitry, this super-compact chess & checkers game will provide hours of challenging fun at all levels of play. Tournament strength Help mode shows all legal moves for beginners Threat warning indicator Hint key for coaching Take back option Selectable opening lines for play and learning Teaching mode for beginning players Mate-trainer for advanced players Info mode to "peek" into the computer's brain Auto play to watch the computer play both sides.
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