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Hand Made Mancala
African Imported Hand Made Mancala / Oware Board Game

 Hand Made Mancala
This Oware board game as show in the main picture on this page consists of a hand-carved board and 48 grey/green tear seeds. The board is the carrying case, so you don't need a bag - it is all self-contained. The Osese wood is given 12 pits, connected with 2 hinges, and stained on the inside and outside with redwood and black dye. An Adinkra symbol is carved on the top outside of the board. This product is made in Ghana and purchased and imported using fair-trade practices. Play this African game with an authentic African board! Approximate size when closed: Length 15.5"; Width 2.5"; Height 2.5".

Mancala History: Oware (also known as Mankala, Ayo, Warri, Awale, Awele, Awari, Nam-nam, and more) is probably the oldest board game in the world that is still popular today. The game belongs to the 'pit and pebble' family of board games, of which there is a vast variety.

A variety of hand made Mancala board games are displayed online and vary all the time. Select the one you prefer!
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