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Home Swing Golf Simulator
Simulate Real golf course swinging at home!

 Home Swing Golf Simulator
The Authentic Swing Golf Simulator. This is the most advanced golf simulator that can be played with any club in your golf bag and it allows you to swing with the same tempo and force as you would on an actual course.

The Tiger Woods Golf Simulator online video demo.

The turf has a regulation golf ball mounted on a flexible tether which allows the ball to spin when it is struck, resulting in the same feel and "ping" sound that is produced on a golf course. Embedded optical sensors in the turf measure clubhead speed, launch angle, swing path, and ball spin thousands of times every second, calculating the distance and trajectory of the ball, while the included EA Sports™ Tiger Woods PGA Tour® 2006 software visually renders your shots on your PC's monitor as you negotiate faithful reproductions of world-renowned golf courses such as Pebble Beach, TPC at Sawgrass, and St. Andrews. You can play over 800 courses--more than any other golf simulator available-- and with each shot the advanced hardware and software confirm if you've hit a hook, fade, draw, or slice. The unit can be used with a swing analyzer that can be downloaded for free from Includes 8' USB cable; your computer requires video outputs and appropriate cable for playback on a TV. Compatible with Windows XP/2000/ME/98. Ages 12 and up.
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