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Whodunit Forensics Lab
Solve six intriguing cases and more using your forensic lab testing

 Whodunit Forensics Lab
Six intriguing cases introduce your child to forensics the science of fighting crime.

Features: A complete, at-home forensics lab, 6 cases each more challenging than the last.

State-of-the-art lab instruments and storage rack, with battery operated light table, a fold-out forensics work surface.

200X zoom microscope.
4 tire tread casting samples with clay.
Rogues Gallery, casebook and instruction booklet,
30 plastic evidence slides.
4 8ml test tubes and laboratory goggles.
Latex roller and adhesive.
Blood analysis tray
Beaker with lid.
10ml graduated cylinder.
Tweezers, stir sticks and pipette.
Case Evidence packet includes: 5 fiber samples, fiber identification stain, chromatography paper, synthetic blood samples, 5 ink samples and 7 hair samples.
Analyze handwriting, decipher blood type and examine mysterious fibers in your search for the truth. It's engaging, challenging and great fun!

There is a lot of testing you can do on fibers, hair, ink, and blood. Analyze handwriting, decipher blood type and examine mysterious fibers in your search for the truth. Requires four AA batteries (not included).
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