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Smiley games, free Smiley faces and Animated Smiley Emoticons
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 Get Smile  Smiley faces for AIM Pocket PC  Handy Animated Emoticons  Iggle Pop
Get Smile

Whether you are writing an email, participating in forums or chatting on MSN Messenger, GetSmile is going to help you express yourself. You can insert funny Smilies in message boards, blogs and even in MS Word. Over 1600 funny Smilies, including 700 Smili

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Smiley faces for AIM Pocket PC

Smiley Faces For AIM gives you an extra 1,632 smiley faces and characters to use when chatting in AIM.

Smiley faces for AIM

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Handy Animated Emoticons
3 Mb

Handy Animated Emoticons lets you insert animated emoticons and smileys into your emails and message board posts with one mouse click.

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Iggle Pop
Download free trial
5 Mb

Assume the role of Fizzy or Dizzy and POP your Iggle friends out of their bubble prisons.

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 Talking Smiley Face  Stare Board Game  Smiley Face Bracelet  Funny Face Yard Pool
Talking Smiley Face
Popular Handheld

Flick and pop Bop-Oh! in the head and hear him talk back to you with phrases such as "Thank you", "Have a nice day", and "Oh! that smarts!"

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Stare Board Game
Popular Board Game

Stare at the card for 20 seconds then see how much you remember.

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New Smiley Face Bracelet
Popular Jewelry

Cheer up your day just at looking to your Smiley bracelet jewelry!! This bracelet is pretty cool and good looking.

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New Funny Face Yard Pool
Popular Product

Fun Croquet set with smiley faces. This game turns your yard into a giant pool table! The complete set includes 2 mallets, billard balls, corner pockets, and 4 mesh fence sections. Players use the white cue ball to hit the numbered balls into t

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 Smiley Face Mini Phone  Sveerz  Smiley Faces Commandos  Jewel Quest
Smiley Face Mini Phone
Popular Electronic

This funny Smiley Face Mini Phone works like a real phone and comes with an ear phone.

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8 Mb

The Sveerz cruise the galaxy, singing tunes that you must repeat by clicking the little Sveerz.

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Online Sveerz
Smiley Faces Commandos
Download free trial
7 Mb

Smiley Commandos is a strategy game, where two armies of smileys are up against each other.

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Jewel Quest
Download free trial
8 Mb

Uncover the ancient Mayan Civilization Treasures! You are an intrepid adventurer questing through booby-trapped Mayan ruins.

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Online Jewel Quest
 Post Smile  Base Jumping Smileys  Stress Relief Paintball  Ms Muncher Miss Pacman
Post Smile
2 Mb

PostSmile is capable of adding smiley faces to any e-mail that support HTML messages.

In addition to classic smiley faces, the program offers a wide variety of original artist-created smileys.

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Base Jumping Smileys

Control your Smiley and jump from amazing heights then deploy your chute at the last possible second to come in just ahead of the competition.

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Stress Relief Paintball

You've been working hard at the office, the pressure was on, and now is the time to relieve the steam! Shoot the smiling faces in this online Paintball office game.

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Ms Muncher Miss Pacman
1 Mb

Miss Muncher is Ms Pacman. Play Miss Pac-man games on your computer for great fun.

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Online Ms Muncher Miss Pacman
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Smiley Face Bracelet Sterling Silver Smiley Face Bracelet jewelry
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Base Jumping Smileys Smiley faces parachute on line game. Open your parachute at the last second
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Stress Relief Paintball Shoot the smiling faces in this online Paintball office game.
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