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 Cafe Mahjong  Making Chocolate  Chocolate House  Chocolate Fondue Fountain
Cafe Mahjong
26 Mb

Order a latte and immerse yourself in the world of coffee at Cafe Mahjongg. Match tiles to earn your favorite coffees from around the world! White chocolate Mocha, Expresso, Chai Tea, Hazelnut Iced Cafe, Cafe Au Lait and more.

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Online Cafe Mahjong
Making Chocolate

Making dark or white chocolate gifts for Valentine's day or anniversaries. Chose the model, add the berry, cherry or hazel, put it in the microwave oven, and ecorate your chocolate with the colorful cream.

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Chocolate House

Make some delicious matches in this fun Match 3 chocolate game!

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Chocolate Fondue Fountain
Popular Product

Make chocolate fondue a huge enjoyable experience! Add to the festive atmosphere of birthdays, dinner parties, and holiday gatherings with this easy-to-use chocolate fondue fountain.

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 Chocolate Checkers  Chocolate Factory Kit  Chocolate Bar Online  Chocolate Shop Frenzy
Chocolate Checkers
Popular Board Game

This is a game of checkers you will never forget by eating the delicious white and dark chocolate game pieces and additional activities.

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Online Chocolate Checkers
Chocolate Factory Kit
Popular Product

Make hard candy, lollipops, chocolates, caramels, fudge, gummy shapes, chocolate eggs, gum drops, marshmallows, licorice, marzipan, pralines, peppermint patties, and more.

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New Chocolate Bar Online

Create desserts with white or black chocolate bars, caramel syrop, cherries, strwberries, coconut nuts and a lot more.

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New Chocolate Shop Frenzy
49 Mb

Help Emma creating her own chocolate shop and beat the competition. For chocoholic!

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 Coffee Rush  Willy Wonka Talking Figure  Oreo Armored Truck  Chocolate Monopoly
Coffee Rush
22 Mb

The Smokestack Coffee Company is polluting the town with bad coffee! Swap coffee beans, milk, sugar and other tasty ingredients to prepare a menu full of tasty blends. Unique customers. Funny character voices. Upgrade several shops!

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Online Coffee Rush
Willy Wonka Talking Figure
Popular Electronic

This Charlie & Chocolate Factory Willly Wonka 18 inches figure says phrases from the movie in Johnny Depp's own voice!

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Oreo Armored Truck

"Dispatch Calling"

You control a Oreo delivery van and you must deliver the chocolate OREOs in time!

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Chocolate Monopoly
Popular Board Game

Like the classic property Monopoly game, but with a chocolate theme! Collect chunks of chocolate and trade them in for chocolate factories.

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 Nabisco Mahjong  Cake Mania  Astronaut Ice Cream  Coffee Tycoon
Nabisco Mahjong

Same as Candystand Mah Jong but with different tiles like chocolate Orea biscuits.

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Cake Mania
15 Mb

Help Jill earn enough to reopen her grandparents' bakery in this fast-paced culinary crisis! Let's get cooking as you help Jill upgrade her kitchen with state-of- the-art baking tools, while serving her ever-increasingly difficult customers!

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Astronaut Ice Cream
Popular Handheld

First made for the Apollo missions, freeze dried ice cream has been a favorite of geeks ever since. Three flavors available: Neapolitan, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate chocolate chip. It can be stored (unopened) for up to 3 years.

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Coffee Tycoon
12 Mb

Start fresh with one store, customize your coffee business by giving it a name and choosing a logo and store design. From there, choose a city start your coffee empire, maybe New York, L.A. or Seattle!

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Online Coffee Tycoon
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