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8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Play Free Online Head-to-Head 8 Ball Pool games OS: and later

 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer
8-Ball Pool is a game for two players. You win by legally pocketing the 8-Ball. At the start of the game, there are 16 balls on the table: the cue ball (the white ball), the 8-Ball (the black ball), 7 striped balls, and 7 solid balls. All shots in 8-Ball Pool are made by using a wooden stick, called the cue, to hit the cue ball into another ball. Based on the rules below, one player will become solids and one will become stripes. Before this has been decided, the table is considered "open". Once it has been decided, the table is "closed". Once you have pocketed all the balls of your type, you may try to pocket the 8-Ball. The person who legally pockets the 8-Ball wins.
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