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 9 Ball Pool Games
9-Ball Pool is a single-player version of the popular pool game of the same name. As with all pool games, you proceed by hitting your cue stick into the cue ball (the solid white ball). The cue ball then hits other balls, possibly pocketing some (by hitting them into one of the six pockets distributed around the perimeter of the pool table). The cue ball must always first hit the lowest-numbered ball on the table. For example, as long as the 1-Ball (the solid yellow ball) is still on the table, that must be the first ball your cue ball hits. The current target ball is always signified by a yellow halo. Since the 1-Ball is on the table, that must be the first ball you hit with your cue ball; the 1-Ball will always be the front-most ball in the group. Until you break, the cue ball is considered to be "in hand", and you can move it to any spot "behind the line" (that is, in the leftmost quarter of the table). On the break, it is impossible to sink either the cue ball or the 9-Ball; during the break shot, as far as those two balls are concerned, the pockets will act like rails.
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