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BB Bathtub Online Fishing Tournament Multi-players in a fun bathtub and with 2 hooks  BB Bathtub
The goal in BB Bathtub is to score points by fishing out the most valuable objects from in and above the bathtub. Each level has several objects that you can try to catch: some are heavy, some are light; some are valuable, and some are not. Some heavy items can be really valuable, like the gold bars. You have two fishing hooks: one above the surface, and one below. The one that you are currently using is highlighted. The hooks swing back and forth and are always pointing in opposite directions while they move. You will catch any object that the hook hits, so time your clicks carefully to avoid the less valuable objects. The hooks swing back and forth from the fishing boat, always in opposed angles. You decide when to release the hooks by clicking your left mouse button. If your mouse pointer is above the surface, you will release the upper hook. If your mouse pointer is below the surface, you will release the lower hook.
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