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Big Money game Tournament Play Big Money Online in Multiplayer Tournaments OS: and later

 Big Money game Tournament
Play Big Money game Online Multiplayer in tournaments. Beat others by collecting as many coins and moneybags as you can. The more you take out in one move, the higher your score! Collect as much money as possible before the game's five-minute time limit expires. Left- click on groups of three or more like-colored coins to clear them from the game board. The more adjacent coins you eliminate per click, the better your score will be! Grabbing coins causes the Money Meter on the left side of the game board to rise. But be careful - the level falls if you stop collecting coins! When the Money Meter hits the top, a Moneybag drops from above! Every time you click on a group of two or fewer coins, 100 points are subtracted from your score, so don't get too trigger-happy! Points are also multiplied by a Game Level Multiplier. When the game begins, this value is set to 5. With each new game level, the multiplier increases by 1. Go as fast or as slow as you want, but be careful about which coins you grab. The coin level increases with each move, so you'll need to strategize to collect the most coins per click.
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