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Blackberry ScreenEngager Live
Display dynamic presentation of up to 25 of your images on your Blackberry

OS: and later

 Blackberry ScreenEngager Live
ScreenEngager Dynamic for BB (Aka Blackberry ScreenEngager Live)

NOTE: Buy Full Version goes to a bundle page, simply remove Blackberry (BB) not related and keep the one you have then process order to download immediately the software.

Enjoy the dynamic presentation of up to 25 of your images on your color Blackberry in a very cool screensaver presentation style. The transitions between images make your Blackberry shine like never before.

Terratial's ScreenEngager Dynamic enables you to modify the five- or ten-image palette dynamically. The image capacity is determined by your phone model. To add an image, all you have to do is e- mail the ready-to-use image to the BlackBerry, open the e-mail, highlight the image attachment, and select the ScreenEngager Dynamic-provided menu item "Add to ScreenEngager Dynamic". That's it.

* Use your BlackBerry as a digital photo album.
* Continuously display your own pictures in idle mode.
* Update your photo album dynamically by e-mailing new images to your BlackBerry or by using our cost-free, on-line image processing station.
* Enjoy affordable personalization.

Terratial's ScreenEngager Dynamic replaces the standard standby idle screen which comes with your Blackberry and instead presents your personal images with a highly compelling transitional effect. This particular product item enables you to provide up to five personal images to your Blackberry via e-mail, and these images can be changed at any time without intervention from Terratial. Each ScreenEngager Dynamic license is intended for enjoyment on one Blackberry device.

Please note that this product supports all color BlackBerry models globally, with the exception of the 7250 / 7750 models.

Our customers are very happy with our products, so we look forward to ScreenEngaging your Blackberry too!

Customer quotes:

"I had no idea that my Blackberry could do THIS! Where have you guys been?" - J. Marsh of St. Louis, MO.

"...a finely crafted product. Thank you for letting me share my prized pictures with everyone around me!" - T. Samuelson of Atlanta, GA.

"AMAZING! How do you guys keep coming up with such cool stuff?" - T. Richardson of Dallas, TX.

"Terratial adds a bold, new flavour to my Blackberry. Kudos!" - D. Wadsworth of Liverpool, England.
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OS: and later

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