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Bridge Baron Software Bridge Baron Plus for Windows Requirement: 32 MB RAM
OS: Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT4.0/XP and later , 38 Mb

 Bridge Baron
Bridge Baron features include

# 4 new bidding conventions, including Namyats, Lead-Directing Doubles, Wolff Sign-Off Bids, and Artificial Minor Bids after 1M-X.
# 4 new Bridge Tournaments, including the 2006 Cavendish at cross-IMPs.
# 24 new Bridge Challenges have been added, totaling 216 card problem deals in all.
# Improved bidding and play.
# Improved! Now choose to open 1NT with a 6-card minor or a stiff honor.
# Improved! Now choose to play Puppet Stayman after 1NT, after 2NT, or both.
# All 53 octillion (that is 53 billion billion billion) bridge deals as possible random deals in Bridge Baron.
# Improved double-dummy capabilities.
# Double-dummy and par-contract solvers.

Windows (English, German, and French)

2004 Winner of the World Computer Bridge Championships Round Robin.
Free Bridge card game demos.
Upgrades to Bridge Baron available for Bridge Baron previous versions.

Play, Learn and Compete with the Best. Bridge Baron is a five-time winner of the world computer bridge game championship & the only program top-ranked by the ACBL. Bridge Baron game is the product of over 45 years of research and development and has benefited from eighteen revisions to this great bridge-playing game.

Features of Bridge Baron
Easy to use;
Over 40 Skill Levels;
All 53 Billion Billion Billion deals;
Learn and use over 95 Optional Bidding Conventions;
At higher levels of bidding and play, while Bridge Baron is "thinking", you can force it to bid or play immediately by clicking the "Bid Now" or "Play Now" button
You can now see what Bridge Baron is "thinking" about, at higher levels of bidding and play;
We have improved the bidding and play, including improved Two-over-One bidding, improved matchpoint-focused bidding and play when playing tournament deals at matchpoints, and more realistic double-dummy cardplay;
You can choose your hand-evaluation method, such as long-suit point count or short-suit point count;
Bridge Baron can optionally alert and announce bids; We have greatly expanded and improved the statistics; Bridge Baron's claims are improved, especially at notrump; We have added 12 new bidding conventions: Leaping Michaels, Kokish Relay, McCabe, Snapdragon, Bart, Rosenkranz Redoubles, Mixed-Raise Jump Cue-Bid Responses, various 3-level responses to 1NT, and Jacoby Transfer Superacceptances with Working Doubletons; You have more flexibility in defining your bidding agreements, including various responses to partner's overcalls;
We have added five new Tournaments: the 2007 Cavendish (with cross-IMPs scoring), the 2007 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Selection (with Butler IMPs scoring), the Fall 2006 Delaware State Pairs Sectional, the Fall 2006 Diamond State Sectional, and the Winter 2007 Blue Hen Sectional;
We have added 24 new deals for a total of 240 Challenges;
Hint Always Available;
Double-Dummy Solver;
Par Contract Analysis;
7 Bidding Systems
Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3 OS: Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT4.0/XP and later , 38 Mb
Requirement: 32 MB RAM

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