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Gladiator Trials Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy with Sim/Management elements. OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista and later , 28 Mb

 Gladiator Trials
Build up your camp and try to keep your Gladiators happy while training them for glory. Peasants are required to produce food and water to ensure they never go hungry and to forge new weapons and armor to gain the edge in combat. Train Gladiator's with brute Strength in the Training yard, build an Archery to train their Dexterity or test their mental with libraries so they can unleash a fury of spells at their unsuspecting opponents.

Send your Gladiators into the Arena to claim victory and earn gold to keep your Peasants and Gladiators happy. Missing a payday is not an option! The Arena isn't all there is in these troubled times, take on quests and adventures such as clearing a path through an enchanted forest, or protect a small villager's crop from Earth Elementals. Lead your men to the Arena finals while trying to discover what or who is behind such dark deeds.

Main Campaign: Continue the Adventure, Claim Victory 9 exciting Scenarios, bringing hours of nail biting action!

Extra Buildings: New and Unique Not in the Demo
* Armorsmith to allow your Peasants access to protective armor, helping your Gladiators take on tougher opponents
* Weaponsmith to forge swords, staves and bows to help gain the edge in combat
* Archery to train your Gladiator's Dexterity and produce lethal archers, or train your Peasant's to work faster
* Library to improve your slave's Intelligence, for Peasants to learn skills faster and to learn new spells for your Gladiators

Point and Click Editors: No Scripting Required!
In-built Editor: Create/Play/Share your own levels for an unlimited amount of fun.
Mod Tool: Create your own Opponents and Spells to spice up your levels!
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