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Great Journey Mr Penguins Letter Help Mr Penguin in Antartica in this adventure around the world Requirement: SVGA Video Card 16MB 3D Video Card DirectX 7, 64 MB RAM
 Great Journey Mr Penguins Letter
Tony and Annie are friends who live in the Old Port. Tony and Annie are avid travelers and have lots of close friends all around the world. One day, they get a letter from Mr. Penguin from Antarctica. Mr. Penguin begs them for help because a dangerous Garbage Dumper has appeared near their clean land and regularly dumps garbage there. Unfortunately, his boat is too fast and their Guards can't catch him. You must find Professor Glass, borrow his airplane, and use the plane to overtake the garbage boat and to catch the Garbage Dumper once and for all! Tony and Annie will encounter not only plenty of adventures, but lots of dangers too! Help them in this great journey – pack your bags and get ready for a most unusual adventure!

Choose to play Annie or Tony as they embark on their adventure.
Beautifully illustrated backgrounds and vividly animated 3D characters.
Adventures in over 30 different locations around the world.
Visit mysterious Easter Island, Africa, and even Antarctica on your journey.
Mini games provide action for everyone, saving the port from a garbage flood, and many more.
Ecological storyline with no violence!
One click mouse based interface makes it slick and simple.

Here's what was in the letter:

"Dear Tony/Annie,

For some time now somebody has been bringing garbage to our clean land. We cannot catch him. We don't have any vehicle that is fast enough. We heard that Professor Glass has an airplane. Find him, please, and come with him to us, to the South Pole.

Professor is conducting a research on one of the islands in the South Seas. I think that Captain, an old sea dog, will find that island without any problem. I send you my best greetings.


The message alarmed the kids and they quickly decided that they couldn't leave their friend in danger! They decided to set out on a great journey.
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Requirement: SVGA Video Card 16MB 3D Video Card DirectX 7, 64 MB RAM

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