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Hoyle Speedy Racer Play Hoyle Typing Games Speedy Racer 3 Little Pigs Requirement: 32 MB RAM
 Hoyle Speedy Racer
Hoyle Word Games brings you a collection of 8 word games plus 100s of variations. In this collection you can play Speedy Racer, a typing game. Speedy Racer is a game of typing accuracy where you try to type letters and words in progressively harder levels. There are two different versions of Speedy Racer:

Save the Pigs:

In Save the Pigs, you try to protect the three little pigs from the big bad wolf by keeping him from destroying their houses. If you protect the pigs long enough, you’ll save them from the wolf. Type the letters and words before they hit the houses. If you successfully type a letter or word, you get 2 points for each letter you typed. Typing an incorrect letter deducts 1 point from your score. If you type enough items successfully, you advance to the next level. If a house is destroyed at any point, the pig or pigs in it run to the nearest house that is still standing.

Pirate Attack:

Typing an item successfully fires a shot at the pirate ship. Typing unsuccessfully allows the pirate ship to shoot at you. Not all shots will hit the ships! How successful your shots and the pirates’ shots are depends on the Speedy Racer Game Settings. When the pirates’ damage indicator runs out, the ship is sunk, and you receive a point bounty (as well as any of the pirate booty that might happen to be on board). A pirate ship is sunk after 80 successful shots. A new pirate ship replaces the ship that sank. If your ship is sunk, the game ends.

(c) 2005 Encore Software, Inc.
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Requirement: 32 MB RAM

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