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Hoyle Star Collector Download to Play Collecting Stars game. Visible and Hidden stars to find.  Hoyle Star Collector
Star Collector is a strategy game of space exploration. You play the game on a rectangular grid containing a number of stars. The object of the game is to collect enough stars on each level to progress to the next level. Some stars are shown on the grid, and others may be hidden within the grid. There are three different types of pieces in the game: regular pieces, multicolored pieces, and laser site pieces. You play pieces by moving pieces to the grid.

Regular pieces are the basic playing pieces in Star Collector, and come in a variety of pictures and colors. Different levels will include different varieties of piece pictures and colors. Regular pieces are placed on the grid as follows: a piece can only be played onto a square next to a piece that's already on the grid, and it must match all the pieces in adjoining squares in color or picture or both. Note that you may play pieces to the grid such that some squares become unplayable.

Multicolored pieces have more than one color on them and can be rotated to be played next to other regular or multicolored pieces on the grid. They are played according to the same rules as regular pieces, except that since they have no picture, they only need to match adjacent pieces in color. Laser site pieces can be played to the board on top of an existing piece to destroy that piece. The piece in that square is destroyed, leaving an empty square.

You collect stars by placing pieces of different colors and shapes onto the grid. There are two types of stars: stars that are visible on the grid, and hidden stars. Hidden stars give off sonar clues to their location. When you play a piece approximately three squares away from a hidden star, you'll hear a single sonar ping.

By Hoyle Puzzles - Encore Software, Inc.
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