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Memorize It Flash Cards How to learn easily the Amateur Radio Morse Code alphabet OS: 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and later , 2 Mb

 Memorize It Flash Cards
Use Memorize It Flash cards to not only learn the Amateur Radio Morse Code alphabet, but pass the Amateur Radio License test. On flash card is the sound, the dot- dash pattern and the letter or word for that pattern. MemorizeIt is a multimedia flashcard application that allows you to create your own decks of flashcards incorporating text, sound, pictures, and drawings. Using several testing methods: multiple choice, true/false, type-in and honor system, MemorizeIt can be used for any subject from preschool to medical school. Cards can be easily moved between decks or copied to build new decks. Interactive quizzing with MemorizeIt automatically keeps track of the hardest cards and allows you to focus on exactly what is hardest for you. Decks can be printed front and back on five styles of perforated card stock paper. By using MemorizeIt you can study or teach any subject. MemorizeIt allows you to easily create the cards with exactly the information you need to study. Perfect for Foreign Language, Math, History, Law School, Biology, Art History, Pilot Training, Spelling, SAT, GRE and any other subject you can think up. Over ten years in development, MemorizeIt is the most robust flashcard application of its kind. Developed by Side-Eight Software.

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