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Mini One Racing
Play mini car racing in 4 univers, on 20 circuits, and with 4 differents cars

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7 and later , 38 Mb

 Mini One Racing
When you were a kid you used the floor, carpet, walls, bathtub and even the dirt in your backyard to race your mini cars; didnít you? Well those days are back and this time Mom wonít be yelling at you for making a mess. Introducing MiniOne Racing; the thrilling game where you and your buddies race colorful, humorous miniature vehicles around virtual beaches, playgrounds, parking lots and even other planets. Designed by kids; programmed by geeks. Fun for all ages. Get behind the wheel now.

- 4 univers
- 4 vehicles
- 20 circuits and arenas
- 4 game modes
- up to 4 players in multiplayer games
- online scores
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OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7 and later , 38 Mb

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