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Nascar Driving Experience
Drive a real Nascar Stock Car on a Nascar Speedway

 Nascar Driving Experience
Have you got what it takes to swoop down off the banks and roar away on one of the longest racing straights around? This is about as authentic as you can get. From the moment you arrive until you take that checkered flag, you will be living the NASCAR dream. Drive a NASCAR stock car or ride along.

NASCAR real life experiences available include:

220 Lap Stock Car Experience, Thompson International Speedway. A whole weekend driving a real stock car.

Stock Car Ride Along, Thompson International Speedway

Stock Car Ride Along, Richmond International Raceway. This is what it feels like to be a NASCAR driver.

Drive a Stock Car, Atlanta Motor Speedway. Follow in the tire tracks of NASCAR'S sporting legends.

Stock Car Ride Along, New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

And over 50 other NASCAR experiences offer to you on a speedway near you.
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