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NoLimit Roller Coaster Simulate Real Rollercoaster Rides on your PC Requirement: 3D video card
 NoLimit Roller Coaster
Ride Real Existing Coasters!! Thanks to this software, your personal computer will simulate real rides with realistic sounds and in full 3D view! Attach yourself firmly on your desk chair and start ride simulations!! Not recommended for people with heart weakness!
Here's a list of Real Roller Coasters across the world. You can Ride (!!) all those rollercoasters in virtual reality in the full version of NoLimit Roller Coaster software.
1- Thriller (aka Texas Tornado), Six Flags Astro World, TX
2- Sylverstar, Europa Park, Germany
3- Mantis, Cedar Point, Ohio
4- Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park, Germany
5- Montu roller coaster, Busch Gardens, Florida
6- Flashback, Six Flag Magic Mountain, CA
7- Millennium Force Force roller coaster, Cedar Point, Ohio
8- Revolution, Six Flags Magic Mountain California
9- Limit, Heide Park, Germany
10- Lochness Monster, Busch Gardens, Virginia
11- Viper, Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA
12- Kumba Location: Busch Gardens, Tampa Florida fl
13- Kraken roller coaster, Sea World Orlando, Florida
14- 3er Looping (aka Magnum Force), Flamingoland, England
15- Bush Garden Florida
Big Loop, Limit, Superwibel and more!

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Requirement: 3D video card

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