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Pro Bass Fishing 2003
Large-mouth Bass, Walleye or Muskie fishing game simulation

Requirement: Video Card 16 MB Directx 8.1 64 MB RAM
OS: Windows 2000/98/Me/XP , 92 Mb

 Pro Bass Fishing 2003
Your cast breaks the stillness of a picturesque lake. Movement underwater ripples the surface. Catch over 20 different species of fish. Would it be a Large-mouth, Catfish Walleye or Muskie? Suddenly, there's a tug on the line! What a fighter! Do you have the skill to bring him in? Create the perfect tackle, rod and reel set-up or pursue a unique career path through tournament play. Play fishing games with friends using a LAN or compete against other anglers over the Internet. Multiplayer: Local area network with IPX or TCP/IP protocol or established Internet connection (56 Kbps modem or faster required).
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OS: Windows 2000/98/Me/XP , 92 Mb
Requirement: Video Card 16 MB Directx 8.1 64 MB RAM

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