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Seven Seas Sudoku
Numerical strategy game with a Pirate Buccaneers twist!

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 Seven Seas Sudoku
Its the most popular numerical strategy game in the world, but with a Buccaneers twist! Fill the 9x9 gameboard with numbered coins, according to the rules of Sudoku, but keep an eye out for the ghost of Jolly Roger! The game begins with twelve coins already on the board, all in valid placements. Drop new coins in from the top of the board to make them land in the lowest empty square. Also, you can play this Sudoku Pirate-style game in Multiplayer tournaments!

Did You Know?

The earliest pirates were the Sea Peoples who sailed the Aegean Sea in the 13th Century B.C.E.

The Classic Era of piracy in the Caribbean extends from around 1560 until the mid 1760s and consisted mainly of English and Dutch pirates.
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OS: and later

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