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Startris Online Multiplayer Tetris game Tournaments OS: and later

Startris is an awesome version of the popular Tetris game. Play Online in a Tournament against other human players. The aim is to rotate and place the falling blocks to make complete rows to clear them away and avoid that the game field fills up. If you create a row that contains stars these will be collected.

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1. Rotate and place the blocks to create complete rows that gets cleared away. Collect the enough stars before time runs out to advance to the next level.2. The game is played over 3 levels. If you manage to collect the needed number of stars on the last level before time runs out you get the special super bonus. Clear several rows at a time to improve your score. If you manage to collect many stars with a clearing this also raises the value of the move. 3. Rotate the blocks clockwise with the Up Arrow, and move the sideways with the Left and Right arrow. You can drop the faster with the Down arrow or the Space Bar.
Picture 1 - Picture 2 OS: and later

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