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PC Phone Home Stolen Computer Retrieval Software for PC OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP and later

 PC Phone Home
How does PC PhoneHome™ work? Every time you boot your computer and have an Internet connection, PC PhoneHome™ sends a stealth e-mail message containing its exact location to a pre-determined e-mail address set by the user. In the event the computer is stolen, you file a theft report with the local police and then notify Brigadoon Software’s Command and Tracking Center, which will provide full tracking and recovery support. When the stolen computer goes online, it will send a stealth message to the pre-determined e-mail address containing its exact location. Once this information is received, our recovery agents work with you and the investigating law enforcement agency to recover the stolen property. Worldwide tracking and recovery. Highly tamper-proof. Can’t be removed by unauthorized parties
Does PC PhoneHome works for Laptops? PC PhoneHome protects both laptop and desktop computers
How do I know PC PhoneHome is really working? All you need to do is check the Email address you entered as the "Recipient's Email ID" in the configuration window during installation (takes a few minutes) to see if you received the stealth Email message. If you have any doubts of proper installation, simply contact the tech support at anytime.
Can't the thief simply reformat or remove this PC PhoneHome soft? You cannot remove what you cannot see. Also PC PhoneHome is highly tamper-proof and cannot be removed by unauthorized parties and a thief cannot "format" your hard disk. The uninstall process requires a special uninstall program that is created upon demand for registered users that will only work on your computer. This additional security measure was implemented to raise the protection bar and insure PC PhoneHome cannot be removed by a thief.
Is this software full proof and sure to work? Of course if the stolen PC never gets connected to the internet or if the thief is also a top notch computer wiz (unlikely) it will make retrieval difficult. But if you paid a good price for your laptop or desktop computer and if your computer files are important, it's a good security addition. Also, if you find the thief you should also be able to retrieve not only the computer, but all the stuff the thief has stolen from your house or office.
Ok my laptop (or PC) got stolen, now what? First make an immediate police report, note the contact officer and the assigned case number. Then call the Recovery Department at 1-845-624-0909 or email at tech@pcphonehome.com for the support to recover your PC or laptop. 
Do Not use this phone number or email for questions or ordering. It's for activation and recovery only
Operating System PC PhoneHome is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2K
Reference Awarded "Best Security Solution for Small Business" at the PC Expo 2002 in New York

Over 400,000 registered users worldwide
To install this stolen computer retrieval software on more than one computer at home or for business, you will need to buy one license per computer, discount rates apply .
Picture 1 OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP and later

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