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Web Scuba Diving Log Internet Scuba Diving Log Requirement: PHP, MySQL
OS: and later

 Web Scuba Diving Log
SCUBA divers now can have their log book published on the Internet. This application will calculate the bottom time to date and total, divers only need to enter time in and time out. Every log also integrated with marine life gallery. This online log book will generate various statistical data based on your dive log, divers only enter all data usually entered just like in traditional paper log book. Terong SCUBA Diving Log basically divided into five sections those are: Dive Log, Dive Experience, Dive Sites, Dive Friends, and U/W Pictures.

Share your log book through the Internet. This Internet based SCUBA log will help you organizing dive logs just like what you did to ordinary traditional paper log book. Automatic calculation of bottom time for every dive. Generate statistical report based on dive log entry. Integrate with underwater picture gallery completed with common name and latin name. System requirements: PHP, MySQL.
Picture 1 OS: and later
Requirement: PHP, MySQL

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