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Wing Released Spirits Medieval Role playing freeware game. Add-Ons optional Requirement: 3D Video Card, 64 mb ram, DirectX 7
OS: Windows 98/2000/XP and later , 14 Mb

 Wing Released Spirits
This Medieval Role-playing game freeware game is limited to 20% of the quest and cannot save or load.

Add-Ons: The Full version has all the complete features. Details within the demo.

You Use F1 to see the controls.
Adryn wants to be a hunter. He lost his parents in a bloody war against orcs. Enar the smith grown up Adryn together with his beautiful daughter Rya. The two young fell in love. Enar found an ancient drawing of a flying machine, and reconstructed it, but he needs an essential component: the mysterious light crystal to make the machine work. He sends Adryn to find the crystal. Explore the mediterran islands of Kyrama, small villages and great cities, a palace, a pyramid, secret caverns, jungles, snowy peaks and hidden valleys. You can walk, jump, climb, swim, dive, ride horses, sail, and fly with an ancient machine. Meet friendly or strange inhabitants, talk to soldiers, prisoners, friends and rebels. Collect treasures, trade with merchants and buy or find weapons, secret maps. Use axe, sword, bow and keys and magic items. Drop magical bombs onto evil spirits with from the air.
Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3 - Picture 4 - Picture 5 OS: Windows 98/2000/XP and later , 14 Mb
Requirement: 3D Video Card, 64 mb ram, DirectX 7

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