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Yatzy King Yahtzee Multiplayer Online games to play OS: and later

 Yatzy King
Play Multiplayer Online Yathzy games. Throw the dice, keep your fingers crossed, and you might end up with a Yatzy combination! Yatzy, Yahtzee, Yatzee… there are many spellings of this popular dice game, but the principle remains the same: Try to create combinations with your dice to beat your opponents. Yatzy is played by two to four players. The objective is simply to get the highest score by creating dice combinations. Note that King Yatzy uses the Scandinavian rules, which might differ slightly from the ones you are used to. Grab the cup with your left mouse button, move it, and then release the mouse button to throw the dice. Select which dice to lock by clicking on them before you grab the cup again. Click a box on the score sheet to enter your current combination. The basic scoring is very simple: All combinations are worth one point per eye on the dice. The only exception from this rule is Yatzy, which is always worth 50 points, regardless of which combination you use. Bonus is also worth 50 points. To receive the bonus, you must score at least 63 points in the upper part of the score sheet. Try to make sure that you get the bonus from the upper section by not using combinations of less than 3 of each number, since it will require rather good scores to get even later on. Example: If you use a combination of only two sixes, you will need five threes to get even. If you are far behind in points, gamble and go for the Yatzy as long as possible, since it can make all the difference.
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