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Pharaohs Curse Gold Akind Super Mario Egypt theme platform game Requirement: 32 mb ram, DirectX 7, 3D Video Card 8 MB
OS: Windows 2000/2003/95/98/98SE/Me/XP and later , 7 Mb

 Pharaohs Curse Gold
A platform game mixed with cool puzzles, immerse yourself in this great arcade/puzzle game. In this game you use drills, hammers, picks and scoop to dig the breakable tiles to reach Gold, when you collect all the gold in a given stage then you can pass the exit door to the next level to get more challenge. There is a Level Editor where you can design/play your own custom levels and trade them with friends, the level editor is very easy to use so it will take a few minutes to design/save/play your own levels, also the game has a built in level solution to help you solve a stage you are stuk in. Many stages has more than one room, in fact the average is about 5 rooms for each level (there are about 280 of cool puzzle rooms). You can press F3 to see the stage map to think a head the solution of the level, also you can press F8 to see the full solution of the current stage. Features available in the full version only : Play 70 fun and challenging levels. Gain access to the solution REPLAY feature and you can choose to see the whole solution playback for any level. Battle against new types of mummies that jump, roll, and turn into stone. Enjoy and use new puzzle elements like: New weapons to stop mummies. New types of doors. New items you can use to solve the levels. 60 day money back guarantee. Listen to amazing tracks of high quality theme music. See all 12 different and unique world themes. Create and Save your own levels in the easy to use Level Editor. Add solution REPLAY to the levels you create, and trade them with friends. Get free hints and tips. Plus other secrets and surprises. Pharaohs' Curse Gold is very easy to learn and play, and so much fun! Pharaoh's Curse Gold has 70 levels of cool and creative puzzles to provide you with loads of fun. You can also create your own levels, resulting in virtually unlimited replay value. You will definitely enjoy the great, colorful and cheerful graphics of the game. You will feel like you are living in an ancient Egyptian atmosphere.
Picture 1 - Picture 2 OS: Windows 2000/2003/95/98/98SE/Me/XP and later , 7 Mb
Requirement: 32 mb ram, DirectX 7, 3D Video Card 8 MB

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