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Word Puzzler V4 Crossword Maker software to download free demo OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and later , 3 Mb

 Word Puzzler V4
A2Z Word Puzzler creates puzzles and quizzes from word list files. These puzzles and quizzes can be used by children to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills. Since you can enter your own list of words, it is especially helpful with vocabulary and spelling lists assigned at school. It can also be used with foreign languages. This crossword maker software creates crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, cryptograms, word scrambles, letter box puzzles, word-definition match puzzles, vocabulary quizzes, and vocabulary lists. It uses random functions to create the puzzles and quizzes, so it creates a different puzzle every time. It also creates keys for the puzzles and quizzes. Enter your own word list or use the list of over 500 words included with the program. Word Puzzler saves puzzles and keys for later use. You can export puzzles and keys to Word RTF files. You can also print pictures in backgrounds of all types of puzzles.
Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3 - Picture 4 OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and later , 3 Mb

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