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iPod Mahjong Play Mahjong games on your iPod OS: iPod and later

 iPod Mahjong
Mahjong on the iPod is actually a version of mahjong solitaire, which derived from the traditional Chinese game mahjong. Loosely translated from Chinese as “clattering sparrow,” mahjong is a four-player game that originated during the 19th century. How it came about is unknown, with theories ranging from Chinese army officers creating it to pass the time to a pair of brothers who supposedly based it on a card game. Mahjong on the iPod is similar to the many electronic titles that have appeared since the first one was created in 1981. Other derivations, known by such names as Shanghai and Taipei, began to appear in the mid-to-late 1980s, leading to the popularity of the game on many computers and, later, videogame consoles. Choose from 72 Mahjong tile layouts.
Picture 1 OS: iPod and later

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