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Aeroplane Race online game
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Enter as Guest, click 3 times on robots to select opponents, then click on the table to start the game.

In this game you will need to move all your planes to the destination before your opponents does. First you need to move your plane from the parking lot to the starting position, and you will need to roll an even number in order to do so. After that, you can move your plane according to the number rolled on the die. Your planes will move counter clockwise for one round and then move up the middle route to the destination. If you roll a 6, then you can roll again. If your plane lands on a block with the same colour, then that plane can move forward by 4 steps.

If your plane lands on the block with the dotted flying route of the same colour, then your plane can fly across that line to the opposite block. If your plane lands on a block occupied by your plane(s), then those planes will stack together and move together. The stack of planes cannot be overtaken by opponent planes with less planes on their stack. But if the opponent stack of planes has equal number or more planes and they lands on the block occupied by your stack, then all your planes in the stack will be crashed and move back to the parking lot. Your planes can also be crashed when they are moving up the middle to the destination and when they land on the spot where the dotted flying route crosses, if an enemy plane flies accross this route, then all your planes on this spot will be crashed and will need to start over again. An exact throw is needed to arrive at the destination, if the number rolled is higher, than the plane will bounce at the destination for the extra numbers.

Aeroplane race is as Aeroplane Chess Fei Xing Qi. It is a classic, fast-paced Chinese board game you can play against the CPU or other players. Like the game Ludo, try to move all your pieces reach the center first.
Credit: Novel games & all
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