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Animal Africa Jigsaw online game
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The online shockwave jigsaw game has been upgraded for The Lion King Jigsaw. Credit: flashcartoongames.com

Play African Animals jigsaw puzzles free online game sample

This jigsaw puzzle collection will be a memorable and enduring treat for anyone drawn to the dramatic beauty of the bush and forests of Africa . . and the extraordinary wildlife living there. This game uses the world's finest jigsaw puzzle software to present the African continent's most captivating creatures. This jigsaw collection features the images of renowned Wildlife Photographer, Rich Beckman. Lions, elephants, cheetahs, rhinos, and gorgeous birds are just a few of the animals populating this collection of sixty of the finest wildlife images ever assembled (200+ puzzles!). Every photograph is accompanied by detailed information about Africa's unique species. For young and old, this jigsaw game will be a challenge and a fun learning experience. The collection offers countless hours of enjoyable play for all who love puzzle games and appreciate nature's most majestic animals.
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