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Requirement: Shockwave

Click "Perform" to begin your routine. When you approach the marks on the ice, CLICK and FLING the mouse straight upward, releasing the mouse button, to hit your mark. When you approach a spin, fling the mouse straight repeatedly to keep your momentum. Otherwise, you'll fall and the routine will end.

You are skating a compulsory routine of 15 tricks, including one double-jump combination and a beautiful combination spin. You will be judged on technical and artistic components of your performance by eight international judges. Can you land a triple toe loop?

The Routine:
The 15 compulsory tricks (in the order of performance) are:
1) Single Axel
2) Single Toe Loop
3) Camel Spin
4) Single Satchow
5) Single Loop
6) Single Lutz
7) Scratch Spin
8) Double Lutz
9) Double Satchow
10 )Double Loop
11) Triple Lutz
12) Triple Satchow
13) Triple Loop
14) Triple Axel / Double Toe Loop
15) Combination Spin

Credit: Developed by Skyworks for Candystand.com.

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