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CardzMania Pinochle online game
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The Bid: The players take turns in naming their bid, starting from the dealer and going clockwise. The minimum opening bid is 250 points. A player can raise the bid by 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 points at a time. A player can also pass - they do not place a bid and cannot bid again in that round. Bidding ends when three players have passed. Whoever bids the most will get to decide which suit is the trump suit for the round. However, if they do not score more than the bid, they will have their bid subtracted from their score at the end of the round. The winning bid is called the contract and the player who won the bid is called the declarer. The trump suit and the contract are displayed in the top right corner, along with each pair’s current total points. Credit: cardzmania.com.
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