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Cribbage Board Games online game
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Enable Java to play the original game or play this one. Credit.

Play cribbage against the computer in Java.

About: The cribbage board is simply a device for keeping score. There are many styles of cribbage boards, but the key feature is that they allow at least two players to count up to 121 points. The board has four columns of 32 holes. The bottom two rows of holes are used only as a place holder for the pegs before the game starts, and for the 121st hole. The left 2 columns of holes are used for one player, and the right two for the other player. In this game the left set of holes is use by the computer, and the right set by the human player. By convention, one moves their pegs up the outside set of holes, and back down on the inside. It is 30 points up, and 30 back for a total of 60. To make 121, one goes around the board twice.

By Rossi Engineering.
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