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Farkle Dice Game online game
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Press the Green Flag to start the game.
How to play:
-Players take turns rolling six dice.
-Points are gained from the following outcomes:

Straight: 1000
Three pairs: 500
Three-of-a-kind: 100*number
Four-of-a-kind: 200*number
Five-of-a-kind: 400*number
Six-of-a-kind: 800*number
(If the number is 1, then the score is multiplied by 10)
Each 1: 100 points
Each 5: 50 points

If none of these are rolled, then you "Farkle" and you lose all your points for that turn.Dice can be re-rolled if they have not been taken yet. However, if you roll again and you don't get one of the above outcomes, you Farkle. On the other hand, if you take all your dice, you get "hot dice" and you can re-roll all six dice again.

First person to 10,000 points wins.

Credit: mit.edu and user Dumbdimb.

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