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Hoops Mania online game
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It's time to go big or go home with Hoops Mania the basketball shooting game. You control three different street players trying to wrack up as many baskets as you can in 30 seconds.

Hoops Mania features a great lineup of lovable sports heroes, plus crazy bonus points and even the ability to set the basketball hoop on fire!

It's not that difficult to shoot a few hoops, but if you want to play in the big leagues you'll need to try and get close to 100% accuracy!

Tips & Tricks

The Hoop is on Fire! - If you get four baskets in a row without missing you'll set the hoop on fire! Continue sinking baskets while it's on fire to get even more bonus points.

Winning Streak - You'll wrack up big bonus points if you get streaks of shots with no misses - try for 3 in a row, 6 in a row, 9 in a row or even more if you want to reach the high scores.

Click a player to shoot a basket.
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