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Motif Backgammon online game
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Motif Backgammon is by far the best Online Backgammon game (to our opinion) and was made in Java by a great Backgammon player. Unfortunately Java is obsolete so you can simply play the above good mit backgammon game. Credit Samueldora

Play strong Backgammon computer opponent free online

Welcome to Motif Backgammon! Motif is a Java applet that plays the game of backgammon. To play, you must have a web browser capable of running Java applets. Please wait while Motif loads. This may take some time.

Click the "Ok" button and the "Start a Game" button. Motif will roll the dice for both players. You are White and Motif is Red. The player with the higher roll goes first. If Motif goes first, you will see a message saying "Motif is thinking . . ." and after a couple of seconds the red checkers will move to show the play Motif has chosen. Click "Ok" and then click "Roll Dice" to start your turn.
Credit: Tom Keith, Backgammon Galore bkgm.com . A good source of general information about backgammon.
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