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This game is similar to Spades and has variations called 10 point and 9 point pitch.
Games are played until a player reaches 15 points. Games are divided into hands. Each hand dealt has 6 cards. Up to 4 points can be won per hand. Points are: high, low, jack, and game.

Once a hand has been dealt, each player picks a suit and bids from 2 to 4 points. This depends on how good the cards in that suit are. The is called the 'trump suit'. If the player bids the highest, their suit becomes trump.

The highest card played of the trump suit is worth one point. The lowest card dealt of the trump suit is worth one point. The jack of the trump suit is worth one point to the player that captures it. The game point is determined by summing the value of all cards of any suit captured.

The value of cards is as follows:
Ace - 4
King - 3
Queen - 2
Jack - 1
10 - 10

The bidding starts with the player next (clockwise) to the dealer. If no one bids before the dealer, the dealer must bid 2. The winning bidder then declares which suit is trump.

Once the bidding is over, the play begins with the winning bidder. That player lays down a card, followed by the other players in clockwise succession. Once every player has played one card, a winner of the 'trick' is determined. The highest trump card always captures a trick. Otherwise the first card played (lead) determines which suit will take the trick. Again, the highest card played of the lead suit will win unless it's been 'trumped'.

Players must follow suit whenever possible unless they decide to 'trump' in. This means that they can play the trump suit at any time. If a trump card is lead, however, they must follow with trump if they have it.

After all the cards are played (six tricks), the values and points are tallied. If the bidder fails to make their points, they 'go set', that is they get their bid subtracted from their score. Points that players get are added to their score whether they bid or not.
Rules and game by Dan Koehler.

2019: Nebraska 4 Point Pitch has been upgraded for Trickster Pitch.

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