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Tank Blast Online online game
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Tank Blast webgame got replaced with Battle Tanks game.
W - Move tank forward
A - Turn tank left
S - Move tank backwards
D - Turn tank right
Space - Change weapon
Mouse to shoot

10 Minute Tank Blast. Fight the battle! Free the village! Online Platinum Tank game.

Your tank is on a sortie by itself. The orders are to clear the village of enemy tanks. The village has 9 sectors and you must clear each sector using your wits and shooting skills. Earn points by destroying enemy tanks and completely clearing a sector.

Use your mouse to rotate and aim your tank's turret. Mouse click to shoot.
Use arrow keys to move your tank. (Or W, S, A and D).
To Zoom a sector, use "<" and ">" (or Z and X).
Credit: Battleline Games LLC
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