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Planters 3-pt Hoops online game
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Planters 3 point hoops got upgraded to Sportsfly webgame.

You will be shooting 3 point shots from 5 different points around the perimeter of the court. At each stop around the perimeter you will get to take 5 shots. The first 4 shots at any spot are worth 3 points each. The fifth shot, also known as the “Bonus Ball”, is always worth 5 points. 'br"'br" CONTROLS: After the ball appears in your shooter’s hands, PRESS AND HOLD the mouse button. Take aim and FLING the mouse upward, releasing the mouse button during the fling. The FLING controls the speed, direction, and loft of the shot. It is very important that your upward FLING motion be as straight as possible. Any deviation from a perfectly straight FLING could cause your shot to be off target.
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