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World War II Sniper 2 online game
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Press SPACE BAR to toggle between map and sniping view. Snipe the snipers before they snipe you. Once you start shooting, the sniper timer will count down fast so you may want to try and remember their positions if you can. Watch out for the sneaky soldiers that move in and out of cover. Click Mission Overview or M for your objectives whilst in map view. Read the instructions for more details.

June 1944. With their beachhead secure and forces replensher, the allies lauch operation Cobra - a bold plan to retake Normandy. A battle-hardened group of British Commandos are selected to Spearhead the advance; to lead the first attack on german defences.

These man are the Frontline... They are the leading edge of the Sword that dtrikes fear into the heart of the Nazi war machine.

2023: problem with Ruffle and the flash game. Replaced momentarely with the above.
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