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Yahoo Games Dice Slider online game
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Yahoo Games Dice Slider got upgraded for Arkadium 5 roll dice game. Play online.

Online fun dice game by Yahoo! Players use five dice to create various combinations in order to complete the twelve given fields. (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, one pair, all different, full house, any combo, 4 of a kind and 5 of a kind).

To complete a level, players must complete each of the 12 fields, and score enough points to get to the next level. The amount of points required for the next level is increased each level.

Players get two rolls per field. You roll the dice and then select which die or dice to hold to create the appropriate combination. Once you have the combination you need, you may clear it from the board by clicking it. When completing a field, the player again has two rolls, regardless of how many rolls they used to complete the previous field.

The game ends when you have no rolls left, cant complete a required combinations, or havent accumulated enough points to go to the next level.
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