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Yahoo Naval Command online game
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Join a room and play on line the classic battleship strategy game against a human player at Yahoo! Naval Command is a 2-player game where players take turns trying to destroy the other player's fleet of ships. Naval Command has 3 modes of play:

Default rules. Each player takes a turn firing a shot.

Extra turn on hit:
Every time you hit an enemy ship, you get another turn. When you miss, your turn is over.

Fire as many times as you have ships:
Players are allowed to keep firing as long as they have ships in their fleet.
Once the game mode is selected, you must place your ships on the ocean grid. Each player starts out with five ships. The table below shows the ships and how many hits it takes to sink each one.
Credit: Yahoo Battleships has been upgraded for Battleships Naval Tactics by S. Blair of Random Games randomgames.net.
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